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Sound of Copenhagen

Fitness Figures

Behind the alias Fitness Figures is Danish writer, producer and singer, Anders Fejerskov Juhl (1986). He’s been playing music all his life, and started creating his both melancholic and upbeat, retro disco sound, in late 2012. He creates his music universe alone, but collaborates with the producer Lasse Lyngbo when it comes to the final productions and polishing. Lasse has been producing music for White Pony, Vinnie Who, My Evil Twin and Freja Loeb amongst others, and with his expertise in the synths and production of dreamy pop universes,
they’re a perfect match.

Ever since Fitness Figures joined the Danish music competition ‘Karrierekanonen’, meaning ‘the career
canon’, hosted by the Danish national broadcast company DR, it’s gone pretty fast for the one-man army.
He’s already gotten a record deal with ‘Sound Of Copenhagen’, played concerts at the Danish festivals
Distortion and Trailerpark, and he went touring with Vinnie Who in the spring 2013.

The first EP from Fitness Figures, called Twin Kill pt. I, is released already in spring 2014 on Sound of Copenhagen, along with the first forthcoming official single; 'Ballet Desire'.