Sound of Copenhagen

October Dance

With October Dance, a new disco-trio is born. Heavily influenced by the classic New York disco scene, Tobias Kiel Lauesen (Vocal, Guitar, Synths), Uffe Dalskov (Bas) and Saxe Sebastian Lomholt (Drums) creates a strongly addictive retro universe – with warm synthesizers, groovy baselines and a shit lot of percussions.

The three gents met in an earlier band constellation, but decided to continue their musical career together. Creating ‘October Dance’ back in 2012, they released their first EP '7 Moon' in January 2013. They’ve now been signed to the label ‘Sound of Copenhagen’ and the band have sure grown on their second EP ‘Group Pleasure’, which is planned with release in the spring 2014. Drawing references to ‘Talking Heads’ and Arthur Russell’s ‘Loose Join’ and adding some African vibes and heavy congas, they appear more experimenting, yet more defined and complete than ever.

The members in the group lives in three different countries – Iceland, France and Denmark. That demands a lot from their coordination skills, and adds Skype, online meetings and a lot of file transferring, to the process of creation new music for the ‘October Dance’ universe.
Taking the consequences of their travelling lifes, the final rounds of writing and recording the latest EP, was located on a hotel at the Spanish holiday paradise Mallorca. As it was in the middle of the Christmas holidays in 2013, they were almost the only guests at the hotel. With enormous space, a lot of rooms available and a staff in love with the disco feeling October Dance provided, ’Group Pleasure’ was born.

October Dance has played several concerts in Germany and Holland, and has a lot of upcoming events in Denmark. One of them being their release concert, in ‘Kødbyen’ in Copenhagen, at the end of april.