Sound of Copenhagen
Sound of Copenhagen


Rosemary consists of the couple Sahar Pour and Lasse Martinussen. Their electronic music productions slide between house and something more bass-heavy. Pour’s razor-sharp vocals vary from being afflicted to seductive.
Sahar fled Iran in ‘85 with her closest family. Back then she was 5 years old. With their entire lives packed down to a medium sized suitcase and a family holiday as cover, they drove to Turkey and ended up in Denmark where they applied for asylum.

During the Green Revolution they watched helplessly from Denmark, while the population in Iran was being violated during the failed revolution against the clerical rule in 2009-2010.

Rosemary’s first EP ‘A Persian Tale’, which was released in December 2011, was composed during this challenging period, and stands as a symbol of the powerlessness the two felt at the time. The EP received flattering reviews in the Danish media and as a result, the duo was invited to play at Denmark’s recognized music festival SPOT Festival, as well as at Glasslands Gallery in New York.

Now ‘Pomegranate’ is about finding the strength to dare, despite adversity and defeat, a strength that manifests itself in a more rebellious, bold and inviting universe.