Sound of Copenhagen
Sound of Copenhagen

The Kikos

The Kikos are a Copenhagen-based band, whose folk-influenced sound was originally born from lead singer Valdemar Have’s solo project. The quartet creates atmospheric music with a timeless feel, with Valdemar’s deep, charismatic vocals complimented by moody guitars and rich, evocative arrangements.

Consisting of David Klinke (guitar/steel), Peter Albrechtsen (guitar/keys), Mathias Findalen (bass)
and Valdemar Have (vocals/guitar), The Kikos inhabit a musical universe where Folk, Americana and Soul effortlessly come together.

Besides receiving praise from some of the biggest music publications in Denmark, in 2015 The Kikos won the coveted “Tak Rock”- award at Skanderborg Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the country. The award is given to exceptional, upcoming rock talent, giving acts a better chance of becoming further established. This was well deserved for a band who, instead of chasing trends, value pure, honest expression.

The Kikos released their self titled debut EP on Sound of Copenhagen in 2015.