Sound of Copenhagen

Tomas Barfod

Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Tomas Barfod's early musical influences ranged from the likes of Goldie, Massive Attack and Portishead, to Goa trance and techno, before drifting into house and disco. These influences subsequently manifested themselves in the acid disco-inspired club-bangers released as Tomboy via Gomma records and the ambient techno he unleashed via Kompakt.

In 2012 Barfod released his debut solo album, the sophisticated mesh of electronics that is “Salton Sea”. Lauded by the likes of Pitchfork, Dazed & Confused and Gorilla vs Bear, its success took Barfod slightly by surprise.

Inspired by a move to LA and mainly written and recorded on the road,it was an album that was imbued with a sense of spontaneity and experimentation. Its success paved the way for the follow-up, “Love Me”, an album that continued the spirit of adventurousness but took it to a whole new level.

Barfod's skills as a DJ has taken him around the world, where he has played legendary venues like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Bar 25 (Berlin), Goa (Rome), Social Club (Paris), Echoplex (LA).

The last couple of years Tomas has been sharing his time between Los Angeles and Copenhagen. In LA he works as a producer and has cuts on several international albums.

Tomas Barfod will release his next EP “Glory” on Sound of Copenhagen on November 13.


BALVIG is the name of the musical project by Danish producer, Jens Balvig. Despite growing up in a time where electronic music was not cool to listen to, BALVIG fell in love with the music of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Wanting to perform their music himself got him into learning how to play the keyboard, and eventually making his own tracks. However, it was the fascination for Japanese culture and music that really paved the way for his current sound.

In 2014, living in Japan, Balvig set himself a challenge of creating one track a week, every week, for a whole year, which forced him to make creative use of different environmental sounds recorded on his tape recorder. The result was a wide collection of tracks, where scratchy electronic beats meet real organic elements. His first album ‘Carvings’ is based on a selection of tracks that came out of this 52-week project, and has resulted in a record that, despite its’ electronic nature, sounds human and preserves the raw imperfections of recorded sounds of the real world.

"Carvings" will be released on Sound of Copenhagen on November 6.

The Kikos

The Kikos are a Copenhagen-based band, whose folk-influenced sound was originally born from lead singer Valdemar Have’s solo project. The quartet creates atmospheric music with a timeless feel, with Valdemar’s deep, charismatic vocals complimented by moody guitars and rich, evocative arrangements.

Consisting of David Klinke (guitar/steel), Peter Albrechtsen (guitar/keys), Mathias Findalen (bass)
and Valdemar Have (vocals/guitar), The Kikos inhabit a musical universe where Folk, Americana and Soul effortlessly come together.

Besides receiving praise from some of the biggest music publications in Denmark, in 2015 The Kikos won the coveted “Tak Rock”- award at Skanderborg Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the country. The award is given to exceptional, upcoming rock talent, giving acts a better chance of becoming further established. This was well deserved for a band who, instead of chasing trends, value pure, honest expression.

The Kikos released their self titled debut EP on Sound of Copenhagen in 2015.

Paris Wells

Australian-born singer and songwriter, Paris Wells, is an artist whose unique sound, visual appearance and performance style all demand your undivided attention. Originally from Australia, Paris is now based in Denmark where she has been part of the Sound of Copenhagen-family since 2015. Paris became infatuated with genres like hip hop and jazz at a young age, which went on to influence her own music, which also incorporates elements of pop, soul and electronic music.Paris has performed on mainstream television, at large festivals and clubs and venues throughout Australia and now she is ready to unleash her infectious, soulful electro-pop on the European public.


Dodoscope is the pseudonym under which the Copenhagen-based producer, Daniel Storm, makes his music. In case you have ever wondered what an astronaut would listen to in space, or what type of music E.T. would request at a nightclub, Dodoscope's productions and sound are his interpretation of what this would sound like.
Cosmic synths and deep beats are important buttons on the dashboard of Dodoscope's techno-electronica spaceship. Taking off in a whirl of synth pads and computer beats, Dodoscope has landed at 'Mercury', the title of his first EP, which the producer himself calls a soundtrack for a space odyssey.

October Dance

With October Dance, a new disco-trio is born. Heavily influenced by the classic New York disco scene, Tobias Kiel Lauesen (Vocal, Guitar, Synths), Uffe Dalskov (Bas) and Saxe Sebastian Lomholt (Drums) creates a strongly addictive retro universe – with warm synthesizers, groovy baselines and a shit lot of percussions.

The three gents met in an earlier band constellation, but decided to continue their musical career together. Creating ‘October Dance’ back in 2012, they released their first EP '7 Moon' in January 2013. They’ve now been signed to the label ‘Sound of Copenhagen’ and the band have sure grown on their second EP ‘Group Pleasure’, which is planned with release in the spring 2014. Drawing references to ‘Talking Heads’ and Arthur Russell’s ‘Loose Join’ and adding some African vibes and heavy congas, they appear more experimenting, yet more defined and complete than ever.

The members in the group lives in three different countries – Iceland, France and Denmark. That demands a lot from their coordination skills, and adds Skype, online meetings and a lot of file transferring, to the process of creation new music for the ‘October Dance’ universe.
Taking the consequences of their travelling lifes, the final rounds of writing and recording the latest EP, was located on a hotel at the Spanish holiday paradise Mallorca. As it was in the middle of the Christmas holidays in 2013, they were almost the only guests at the hotel. With enormous space, a lot of rooms available and a staff in love with the disco feeling October Dance provided, ’Group Pleasure’ was born.

October Dance has played several concerts in Germany and Holland, and has a lot of upcoming events in Denmark. One of them being their release concert, in ‘Kødbyen’ in Copenhagen, at the end of april.


Rosemary consists of the couple Sahar Pour and Lasse Martinussen. Their electronic music productions slide between house and something more bass-heavy. Pour’s razor-sharp vocals vary from being afflicted to seductive.
Sahar fled Iran in ‘85 with her closest family. Back then she was 5 years old. With their entire lives packed down to a medium sized suitcase and a family holiday as cover, they drove to Turkey and ended up in Denmark where they applied for asylum.

During the Green Revolution they watched helplessly from Denmark, while the population in Iran was being violated during the failed revolution against the clerical rule in 2009-2010.

Rosemary’s first EP ‘A Persian Tale’, which was released in December 2011, was composed during this challenging period, and stands as a symbol of the powerlessness the two felt at the time. The EP received flattering reviews in the Danish media and as a result, the duo was invited to play at Denmark’s recognized music festival SPOT Festival, as well as at Glasslands Gallery in New York.

Now ‘Pomegranate’ is about finding the strength to dare, despite adversity and defeat, a strength that manifests itself in a more rebellious, bold and inviting universe.

KIll J

KIll J is a new Danish alternative R&B project. It is a different take on the Scandinavian sound and has a lead singer with a background in classical music and dance.

KIll J is born out of a poetic longing for something primal, simple, dirty and pleasurable. 
The musicians have attempted to strip away any urge to elaborate or dwell in the grey areas. Black and white will do.
And so the first single 'Phoenix' is about the cyclical nature of pleasure and pain.

Fitness Figures

Behind the alias Fitness Figures is Danish writer, producer and singer, Anders Fejerskov Juhl (1986). He’s been playing music all his life, and started creating his both melancholic and upbeat, retro disco sound, in late 2012. He creates his music universe alone, but collaborates with the producer Lasse Lyngbo when it comes to the final productions and polishing. Lasse has been producing music for White Pony, Vinnie Who, My Evil Twin and Freja Loeb amongst others, and with his expertise in the synths and production of dreamy pop universes,
they’re a perfect match.

Ever since Fitness Figures joined the Danish music competition ‘Karrierekanonen’, meaning ‘the career
canon’, hosted by the Danish national broadcast company DR, it’s gone pretty fast for the one-man army.
He’s already gotten a record deal with ‘Sound Of Copenhagen’, played concerts at the Danish festivals
Distortion and Trailerpark, and he went touring with Vinnie Who in the spring 2013.

The first EP from Fitness Figures, called Twin Kill pt. I, is released already in spring 2014 on Sound of Copenhagen, along with the first forthcoming official single; 'Ballet Desire'.