Sound of Copenhagen

  • Year: 2015
  • Label: Sound Of Copenhagen

A Coward’s Confession / Narcissus

  • 01.
    Thomas Gaist -
    A Coward's Confession / Narcissus
Release Info

Thomas Gaist is the self-titled project by the pensive male artist, hailing from Odense, Denmark. Although Gaist has previously flirted with the electronic scene, an upbringing influenced by classical music has been the musical catalyst for him shifting lanes to his own universe – a universe dominated by melodious classical guitar, electronic beats, complimented by his own vocal and one-man choir. All recorded in the silence of his own bedroom, Thomas Gaist is creating what could be best described as dusty and soulful electronica, that celebrates modesty and complexity.

A curious complexity is exactly what might characterizes his music and musical experiences best. Going from classical guitar, to producing hip-hop tracks with a friend, to electronic music, and later going solo and discovering his own vocal abilities, lays the foundation for the sound that is Thomas Gaist. With the release of the EP ‘A Coward’s Confession/Narcissus’, Gaist aims to share his new musical universe of reverie, with reflective music that travels across boundaries of different genres.